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5 Outside the Box Event Marketing Strategies with Snapchat

5 Outside the Box Event Marketing Strategies with Snapchat

It is no secret that the face of marketing has changed in the age of the internet. Traditional forms of advertising and event promotion are dying, giving way to new strategies. Chief among the new forms of marketing is social media. Today, any effective event promoter knows the value of advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Using social media is a very direct and segmented way to reach potential attendees, which is why it has become the industry standard.

There is a problem with Facebook and Twitter though, everyone advertises there. Twitter, for example, is a fire hose of information. Millions of tweets go out every day, and it’s difficult to break through all the noise. Facebook is crucial for modern event marketing, but it is also hard to have anyone hear you on Facebook alone.

So let’s think outside the box. Let’s go where potential event attendees are, but not as many event advertisers are. Think about Snapchat.

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send 1–10 second videos or images called “snaps” to each other which delete permanently when opened. Snapchat has seen rapid growth over the last several years, especially among millennial users. They have the numbers they need to be an effective platform for marketing your event: 45% of users are 25–34 years old and a whopping total of 30% of all US millennial internet users are on Snapchat regularly. If your event is targeting the younger generation, then you should not ignore the social media marketing potential of Snapchat.

Launching a new social media campaign can always be confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the platform. Snapchat does not work like Facebook or Twitter, and features a different user base. In order to successfully market your event, you will need to develop a specific strategy for your Snapchat account. Try out these smart event marketing strategies with Snapchat:

1. Build Hype

Snapchat also features a “stories” function. This function lets users post short videos or images that all their followers can see for 24 hours. After the end of that 24 hours, the content will delete. This function is an incredible tool for delivering intimate and personal marketing messages to a dedicated following.

Event promoters can use this function to build up hype and excitement for their event by giving a behind the scenes look at creating the event. Film your crew looking at the venue before set up, or meeting with a performer. Use Snapchat as a way to speak to those interested and show them what exciting things they have to look forward to. This will personalize your event and put some faces behind your “buy tickets now!” button.

2. Use Snapchat to Bring Your Attendees Together

Snapchat is especially useful during the event because it shines in showing live experiences. During your event, the attendees will be enjoying a unique and enjoyable time that they will want to share. Snapchat’s “Our Story” function will give the attendees of your event a way to collect all their “snaps” in one place for everyone to watch. Live events are all about a shared experience, and Snapchat gives you the ability to deepen this bond for your attendees.

Social Media can bring people together during an event
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These videos and images collected throughout the day will give you honest promotional material, real people who paid for your events showing of how much fun they are having. Those who chose not to come to your event will see all the fun they are missing from the shared story or your own story. When the next event rolls around, they will remember sitting on the outside looking in.

You should also keep up your own Snapchat Story that you have been developing in the weeks leading up to the big day. Give your followers a look at what’s happening back stage. Record a performer saying how great the crowd was. Take pictures of some friends smiling together. Remind people of cool things going on. Show off what makes your even special, and create a personal relationship with your attendees that will make them come back next time.

3. Continue to Engage

It is crucial for event marketers to remain engaged with their audience year-round. As soon as the event is over, it is time to build a bigger and better event for next year, and you want your audience to know that. Use your Snapchat story for this engagement. Your event should be a potent experience and you can use your story to invoke nostalgia and keep people excited for next year. Share videos of people telling their story from the event, or pictures of the event itself. Show them how happy the event organizers are that everyone had fun.

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Events should build on the previous year. Through the personal engagement that Snapchat allows, your brand can stay on the minds of those who experienced the event. These people will become advocates for you, and the most powerful form of advertising you have as they share their experiences with their friends and family.

4. Use Geofilters!

GeofilterOne of the coolest and most popular functions of Snapchat are the various filters they offer. Images of young people with dog noses have flooded the internet thanks to these filters, but the filter function also has awesome marketing potential. The “Geofilters” of Snapchat are images that overlay a user’s snaps based on where they are. Snapchat users love using these Geofilters, including ones with branded content. Many movies have used Snapchat filters on release date to engage with potential viewers, and the marketing messages in these filters get spread far and wide by users.

Snapchat has made the process of adding a Geofilter much simpler in the last year, and they are now a very cheap and directed way to market your event. Having a Geofilter for your event will help spread your name across social media, and create another unique experience for your attendees. Put up a Geofilter around the venue for the weeks leading up to the event telling people your event is coming up.

Check out Snapchat’s guidelines for Geofilters. Some of these guide lines can be rather limiting, such as not allowing for endorsement of social media accounts or hashtags, but the filter will still inform the user of your presence on the app. The costs right now are very low, so there is no reason not to use this engaging event marketing strategy.

5. Use Snapchat with your Other Social Media

Of course, Snapchat cannot be any effective event organizers only form of social media engagement. Facebook and Twitter are so popular and used because they are power tools to spread the word for events. Any good social media strategy will include ways to engage users of all forms of social media and reach out to as many potential attendees as possible. Each of these social media platforms has a different purpose and a different audience, and you shouldn’t miss out on any of them.

You can use your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to help drive more followers to your Snapchat account, and vice versa. After all, the quality content of your Snapchat will only do you so much good without followers.

Use Snapchat in your Event Marketing mix

Staying on the forefront of your audience’s mind is important with social media, especially Snapchat. To make use of a cliché: consistency is key. Snapchat may be less actionable compared to other social platforms, but there is still great content on it. To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing, post stories with an engaging voice. Make sure that your followers have a reason to follow you by engaging with them in a thoughtful way.

With a focus on quality, consistency, and engagement you can build a strong brand on Snapchat. We’d love to hear your experiences with Snapchat and what role you think it has to play in the event marketing mix. Share your opinion in the comments below! 😉

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