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7 Ways To Maximize Social Media Content

7 Ways To Maximize Social Media Content

As an event organizer social media plays a crucial role in growing your events and keep your events relevant throughout the year.

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If your company is a start up, focus on acquisition so your community can get to know your brand. If your brand is more savvy, engagement, awareness, and advocacy are ways to continually improve your marketing strategy. Here are seven ways you as a marketer can maximize your social media content:

1. Align all channels. Don’t make a social media campaign that is isolated from the rest of your communication outlets. Traditional and digital media should be integrated and directly aligned with social media at its core.

2. Stand out from the crowd. In today’s world there is more clutter and noise than ever. Make your content the best it can be with new innovative ideas. Make sure everyone on your team is aligned with the same general content structure. Media is amplification, but content is king.

3. Stay present during the entire campaign. True social listening should impact planning, execution, optimization and results measured. Waiting until the end of a campaign is too late to make any necessary changes. Experienced marketers seek valuable feedback during the campaign so they can gain leverage and improve it.

4. Discuss goals for growth opportunities. Volume is an important goal, but should not be the main one. Engagement as a goal is ambiguous, so identify the most desirable social actions, then measure them based on user flow. Past successful campaigns are a great benchmark for how to create new goals for the next desired campaign.

5. Quickly understand all social media tools. You should understand how each channel works and how your customers operate. If you are unsure, do some research and gain valuable knowledge from social media experts.

6. Optimize persistently. Data should be consistently analyzed and learned. Enhance data with each campaign not only in real-time, but also over the long term.

7. Think qualitatively and quantitatively when measuring end results. Most clients associate a dollar amount with earned media. Money talks, but also consider what customers have seen. The perception of your brand can make or break your business in the long run. What social media advice does your company go by?

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