Client Spotlight: Atlanta Beer Festivals - Xorbia Tickets
Client Spotlight: Atlanta Beer Festivals

Client Spotlight: Atlanta Beer Festivals

Client Spotlight featuring Mike DiLonardo of Atlanta Beer Festivals highlighting their rise to success and how Xorbia Tickets has played a role in helping them grow their events.

Name: Mike DiLonardo

Company: Atlanta Beer Festivals

Role: Director of Operations

1. What’s your role within your organization?

As the Director of Operations I am responsible for all event logistics, marketing, advertising, social media, and sponsorship sales.  We have the best Volunteer Coordinator in the business, known as our Pour’n Director, Kari Weaver.  We also have a great staff line up who work with us day of events.

2. Why do you love Xorbia Tickets? How do you use it? Why choose Xorbia Tickets vs other ticketing companies?

We use Xorbia for all of our events, and have been doing so since 2005.  It is great to work with a local company, who can run the ticket scanning for me at our events.  It is also good to be able to sit down with Xorbia’s staff a couple times a year to brainstorm to think of new ideas.

3. How did you get to where you are now?

After years of throwing a few events a year as a side gig, we finally had a large event in 2010, which lead to the formation of the company, and since then we have seen phenomenal growth.  In just 3 and half years, essentially starting from scratch, we have sold over 25,000 tickets and have 37,000+ Facebook fans.  It has been a fun ride, and we look forward to continued growth, and putting on bigger and better events.

4. What are some of your favorite marketing tips/tricks that have helped you be so successful with your events?

I have a couple of tips to share.  1.  Be transparent and honest with your fans.  We announce price increases well in advance, and never promise anything we don’t deliver on.  2.  Timing is everything.  Deliver your messages at times that will be seen by the most fans.  For us, mid morning tends to get the most looks on Facebook and opens for our email blasts.

5. Name one thing you’d like to see happen as you continue to grow your brand?

I am hoping to sell out our events well in advance as we continue to grow.  I am always jealous of the events out there who are able to sell out on the day tickets go on sale.  It will be really cool if we can get to that level.


6. What do you feel the Atlanta Summer Beer Fest offers that other beer festivals might not?

The Atlanta Summer Beer Fest is our longest running, and one of our best festivals.  We utilize the entire venue at the Masquerade, which allows us to have some great music acts and attractions.  This year, we will have 2 bands alternating sets on the main stage, which will keep the party going with only minimal breaks.  We will also have World Cup soccer viewing inside, as well as a local music showcase.  In addition, we have some great non-beer sponsors for the patrons to interact with.  We are ahead of last year’s sell out pace, so this year should be an awesome festival.

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