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Event data at your fingertips with Xorbia Tickets Eventpro app

xorbia tickets eventpro  xorbia tickets eventpro

eventpro app

A Quick Glance at Eventpro

Eventpro provides event organizers real-time ticket sales and check-in data. No need to login to the web platform when you’re on the go. Now all the most important event data is right at your fingertips on any mobile device.

With Xorbia Tickets Eventpro, you can:

  • Access real-time tickets sales and revenue data
  • View check-ins by ticket type for any event set up to scan
  • View details about deposits, demographics, and more
  • Touch-ID login enabled for easy access to data at any time

This is only the beginning, we will be releasing a native iOS and Android ticket buyer app very soon. Our next release will give ticket buyers simple event discovery, order management, and check out options.

eventpro app
eventpro app
xorbia tickets eventpro

Event Data at Your Fingertips

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xorbia tickets eventpro  xorbia tickets eventpro